Some call it luxury camping.  Some call it glamorous camping.  Either way, Tarpo Events is dedicated to inspiring and guiding those who are seeking a different kind of trip, the kind that encourages cultural immersion, a broadening of horizons, and a deeper engagement with one’s surroundings with enjoying this upscale approach to sleeping under the stars. 
Our luxury camps are also available for bush weddings, corporate retreats and team building, and events for you to host your special gathering at some of the most unique venues in the country!
Bundu Package

Even though this is labelled a budget package, our service is far from quick DIY camping set up.

Safari Package

All the fun of Safari camping without all the work. Get a comfy Safari experience with the Tarpo Kizingo tent.

Maridadi Package

 All you have to do is relax and enjoy the unique experience provided by the Tarpo Riverside tents.

Kifahari Package

Light up the fire pit, make s’mores and tell stories or just let the landscape do all the talking. 

Malaika Package

The Barsaloi Camping Tent is the newest model in our Luxurious tents group.