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Sebastian Mc Kinely

We were planning a camping safari to the Mara with family and had booked one of the private campsites in the Mara Triangle. As there were quite a lot of us and family visiting from the US we wanted to make sure it was a great experience for everyone. Tarpo were a really important part of our fabulous trip. 

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Charles Michel



This is by far the most efficient temporary accommodation I've had the chance to stay in - comfortable, affordable, and most importantly, sustainable. I loved the showers and toilets! As we need to improve to our footprint when we gather, this is probably one of the best options I've come across in my experience designing gatherings all over the world.

Because the difference between the good and the great is a happy team
Whether you want to motivate, entertain, reward a team’s hard work, explore new ways of working together or innovate, Tarpo Industries Events Management team can deliver outstanding results to take your organization forward.
We have extensive experience designing and implementing custom projects for companies spanning across all sectors and a great portfolio to show you, so tell us what you want to achieve and we’ll create something that will achieve your goals.
From an initial inquiry, our team of professional workers works closely with you to seamless develop a brief and have a clear understanding of your objectives and what exactly you need. We use our years of successful experience and the strength of our internal production relationships to design your event amazingly by adding value remaining within your budget.
Bonding time with your workmates in the timeless African setting takes you from the known and familiar into a world that is exotic, wild and tamed. We create an ambience that ensures you and your teammates are closer than ever through fun entertainment and good food.
Also for kids, it would be an adventure of a lifetime to explore the wild and enjoy nature at its best. We organize scouts camping activities by setting up camps at the destination of your choice ready for accommodation. We also provide the perfect camping accommodation for school kids, camping seminars and retreats.
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